Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

New scrutiny task group - Watford Colosseum

01/08/2019 - New scrutiny task group - Watford Colosseum

The scrutiny committee received a report of the Senior Democratic Services Officer setting out a new scrutiny proposal for a task group.  It was noted that the report included the names of three councillors who were interested in taking part in the task group but none had offered to chair it.


Following a discussion, Councillors Grimston and Parker stated they were interested in being part of the new task group.  Councillor Smith said that he was happy to be considered as chair, which the scrutiny committee agreed.




1.      that a new task group be established to review the feedback about Watford Colosseum.


2.      that the Watford Colosseum Task Group comprises Councillors Crout, Grimston, Martins, Parker and Smith


3.      that Councillor Smith be appointed Chair of the Watford Colosseum Task Group.


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