Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

To approve the Sports and Physical Activity Framework

17/07/2019 - Sports and Physical Activity Development Framework 2019-2023

Councillor Collett introduced the report and explained that the Sports and Physical Activity Framework would bring the council in line with the new framework for the Sports England Strategy.  Watford had good relationships with partners and stakeholders for sports.  The framework set out plans up to 2023 and Councillor Collett was proud of what the council had achieved so far and its ambitions for the future.  Councillor Collett thanked the Sports Development Officer for her work on applying for and receiving grants and organising sporting events.  The number of people participating in sport had increased in Watford and there were more volunteers involved than in any other part of the voluntary sector.


The Mayor thanked officers for their work but stated that some of the statistics in the report regarding obesity meant that there was still work to be done.  Councillor Williams thanked Everyone Active for putting on free swimming lessons in the holidays and the improvements made recently to both leisure centres. 




That Cabinet approves the Sports and Physical Activity Framework 2019-2023.


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