Issue - meetings

Issue - meetings

20/01188/FULM - 1-5 Faraday Close and 1-6 Greenhill Crescent (Watford Business Park)

Meeting: 03/02/2021 - Development Management Committee (Item 53)

53 20/01188/FULM - 1-5 Faraday Close and 1-6 Greenhill Crescent (Watford Business Park) pdf icon PDF 640 KB

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The Chair introduced the item to the committee and invited the Principal Planning Officer (HH) to present her report.  It was noted that there was an update to the officer’s report, attached to these minutes as Appendix 1.  The update covered matters pertaining to surface water drainage. 


The Principal Planning Officer explained her report to the committee.


The Chair thanked the Principal Planning Officer for her report and invited Mr Mike Mills of Firstplan Ltd. to address the committee. 


Mr Mills pointed out that Watford Business Park was designated as a strategic employment location.  The proposed development would replace outdated, poorly configured and inefficient buildings, which were 50 years old and no longer met the requirements of modern operators. 


The proposed development was driven by Watford Borough Council and Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, to attract new enterprises to the area.  This gateway development comprised modern, sustainable and efficient buildings with built in flexibility to accommodate a variety of operators. 


The development should double the employment opportunities available at the current site, with a potential for 180 jobs. 


Mr Mills pointed out that the proposal was in accordance with local and national planning policies and would offer a high quality location, which would both attract and retain jobs within the area.  He concluded by commending the application to the committee.  


The Chair thanked Mr Mills and invited comments from the committee. 


There was a short discussion about provision for the Watford Bike Scheme and a bus stop, to further promote sustainable travel.  The committee were delighted to hear that both matters were planned for. 


The committee was overwhelmingly in support of this proposal, which garnered much praise for its commitment to sustainability, active transport and excellent design and access. 


The Chair then proposed a vote that full planning permission be granted, subject to conditions and informatives (as set out in the committee report) and taking into account the terms contained within the update sheet, attached as an appendix to these minutes and available on the council’s website.


In accordance with Standing Committee Procedure Rules, paragraph 4.2, Councillor Jeffree requested that it be recorded in the minutes how members cast their votes.


Those members voting for the motion:

Councillors Bell, Collett, Jeffree, Johnson, Mills, Pattinson, Sharpe, Smith and Watkin


Those members voting against the motion:



The motion was declared to be CARRIED unanimously.




That planning permission be granted, subject to the below listed conditions and informatives and taking into account the terms contained within the update sheet, attached as an appendix to these minutes.




1.  The development to which this permission relates shall be begun within a period of three years commencing on the date of this permission.


2.  The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the following approved drawings:


0383-SEW-00-ZZ-DR-A-000050 – Existing Site/Demolition Plan

0383-SEW-G1-ZZ-DR-A-001310_Rev 01 – Proposed Elevations Building GW01

0383-SEW-G2-ZZ-DR-A-001311_Rev 01 – Proposed Elevations Building GW02

0383-SEW-G3-ZZ-DR-A-001312_Rev 01 – Proposed Elevations Building GW03

0383-SEW-G4-ZZ-DR-A-001313_Rev 01 – Proposed Elevations Building GW04  ...  view the full minutes text for item 53


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