Delegated Decisions

Delegated Decisions

Use the search options below to find information regarding recent decisions that have been taken by council officers.

Planning decisions can be seen in Public Access, which can be accessed from the 'View and comment on applications' page on the Council's website.

Alternatively you can visit the decisions by Cabinet, committees, etc page for information on decisions that have been taken by the council’s decision making bodies.

Officer decisions
Title Date
Parking Suspesion - St Mary's Road 24/10/2019
Parking Suspension - St Mary's Road 14/10/2019
Building Control decision - 42 Valley Walk Croxley Green WD3 3TG 10/10/2019
Building Control decision - Watford Girls Grammar School Ladys Close Watford WD18 0AE 10/10/2019
Building Control Decision - Central Mosque, r/o 21 & 23 Granville Road Watford WD18 0AH 09/10/2019
Parking Suspension - Vicarage Road 09/10/2019
Building Control Decision - 2 Middle Way Watford WD24 6NN 08/10/2019
Building Control Decision - 2A Middle Way Watford WD24 6NN 08/10/2019
Building Control Decision - 37 Langley Road Watford WD17 4DR 07/10/2019
Building Control Decision - 243 Whippendell Road Watford WD18 7NN 07/10/2019
Building Control Decision - The Croft, Deacons Hill Watford WD19 4HN 07/10/2019
Parking Suspension - Wiggenhall Road 04/10/2019
Parking Suspension - Whippendell Road 04/10/2019
Parking Suspension - Harwoods Road 04/10/2019
Parking Suspension - St Marys Road 03/10/2019
Building Control Decision - 469 Whippendell Road Watford WD18 7PS 02/10/2019
Building Control Decision - 7 Tudor Drive WD24 7NS 02/10/2019
Building Control Decision - 2A Alexandra Road Watford WD17 4QY 02/10/2019
Building Control Decision - 12 Richmond drive Watford WD17 3BG 01/10/2019
Building Control Decision - 50 Oxford Street Watford WD18 0ES 01/10/2019
Parking Suspension - 77 to 83, Liverpool Road 01/10/2019
Building Control Decision - 115 Gladstone Road Watford WD17 2RA 30/09/2019


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