Agenda item

Agenda item

Review of Licensing Act 2003 Statement of Licensing Policy


The committee received the report of the Senior Licensing Officer bringing a new amended Statement of Licensing Policy (SLP) before the committee before starting consultation on the policy.  The Senior Licensing Officer introduced the report explaining that the proposed draft SLP, amending the existing 2018-2023 policy, would be effective from 2021-2026.


The Senior Licensing Officer explained how the committee, at its meeting on 19 October 2020, had asked officers to investigate drawing up a Cumulative Impact Assessment in order to retain a Cumulative Impact Policy within the town centre.  He explained how the report laid out how the council approached various sources to gain evidence in drawing up the policy. 


He advised that the main data related to the crime and disorder statistics discussed in paragraphs 5.5 to 5.8 of the report.  This showed the correlation of crime and disorder in The Parade and High Street and the accumulation of licensed premises in the area.  All of the data had been put in the Cumulative Impact Assessment in draft for consultation at Appendix 1 to the report.


It was proposed to include similar measures to the existing policy to discourage alcohol led premises but not other types of establishments.  There would be a proposal to reduce the size of the policy area to the Parade and High Street and provide specific attention to premises selling alcohol after 10.00 p.m. as crime issues peaked between 10.00 p.m. and 3.00 a.m.


The Senior Licensing Officer advised that the matter would now need to go for consultation and work had been undertaken with the council’s Communications Service in this regard.  He advised how the consultation would be conducted and of the importance of the process having regard to the proposed reduction to the policy area.


The Senior Licensing Officer explained that the policy would be reviewed at least every three years and could be brought back to the committee for consideration.  It was considered that the proposed policy met the preventing crime and disorder objective and complemented the Council Plan and corporate strategy.  Furthermore, it did not affect such premises as restaurants for example.


In response to questions from members the Senior Licensing Officer:

·      Explained why Queen’s Road was not included in the revised policy area.  However, it was located within a Sensitive Licensing Area resulting in it being the subject of additional measures such as in relation to licensing applications, street drinking and litter.

·      Reiterated that the policy was regularly reviewed and explained the mechanism for bringing matters back to the committee.  He also advised how the council worked in partnership with the police to resolve matters outside of a formal policy review. 


The Environmental Health Manager (Business) concluded by explaining that the Cumulative Impact Assessment was one part of the Statement of Principles under the Licensing Act and as such would be reviewed in 2023.  This review would include any issues in relation to Queen’s Road.




1.      that, having taken in to account in particular of the implications of the Covid-19 epidemic, the committee is satisfied that sufficient evidence has been gathered to support the commencement of the statutory consultation process in respect of the proposed cumulative impact policy area specified in the report and the draft cumulative impact assessment.


2.      the Committee approve officers going out to consultation on the proposed

                 cumulative impact assessment and amended Statement of Licensing Policy 

                 as set out in paragraph 7.1 and 7.2.


3.      the Committee approves officers going out to consultation with those areas no longer covered by the proposed cumulative impact assessment as set out in paragraph 7.3.


4.      that officers report back to the March Licensing Committee with the responses of the consultation.


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