Agenda item

Agenda item

20/00541/VAR - 112-114, The Parade


The Chair introduced the item to the committee and invited the Development Team Leader to present his report. 


The Chair thanked the Development Team Leader and invited comments from the committee. 


Councillor Smith asked about the lack of interest in the project, from providers.  He also asked about the smaller shared amenity space (roof garden). 


The Development Team Leader explained that there might be various reasons why providers were not previously interested in this scheme, but the best course of action was still for the applicant to seek providers to secure on-site provision.  In the event this was not successful, a commuted sum would be paid as set out in the report.


Roof gardens are not particularly successful and were often under-used.  They were not specifically sought by the Council but some developers included them in their schemes. There was no objection to the reduction in this space. 


Councillor Bell asked if WCHT had expressed an interest in the project. 


The Development Team Leader commented that they had been approached, but felt this was not for them.  He hypothesised that this might have been because as constructed, some of the flats were sub-standard in size.  The current plans had increased the sizes and were now compliant and this might generate more interest. 


The Chair then proposed a vote that planning permission be approved, subject to the conditions in Section 8 of the officer’s report.


In accordance with Standing Committee Procedure Rules, paragraph 4.2, Councillor Jeffree requested that it be recorded in the minutes how members cast their votes.


Those members voting for the motion:

Councillors Bell, Collett, Jeffree, Johnson, Mills, Pattinson, Sharpe, Smith and Watkin.


Those members voting against the motion:



The motion was declared to be CARRIED unanimously.




That planning permission be granted, subject to the following conditions:

Section 106 Heads of Terms


i)          To secure 5 units on the first floor of the development to be Affordable Housing units for affordable rent comprising 4 x 1 bedroom and 1 x 2 bedroom units;

ii)         Practical completion of the approved works to be completed within a period of 6 months from the granting of planning permission;

iii)        No more than 9 units of Open Market Housing units to be occupied before the Owner has entered into a legally binding agreement with a Registered Provider in respect of the Affordable Housing units or paid the commuted sum referred to below;

iv)        In the event the Affordable Housing units are not acquired by a Registered Provider within a period of 6 months after practical completion of the approved works, a commuted sum of £1,078,816 to be paid to the Council;

v)        On payment of the commuted sum to the Council, the Affordable Housing units to be sold as Open Market units.






1.         No dwelling shall be occupied until the internal works to the flats on the first, second and third floors have been carried out in full in accordance with the approved drawings.


2.         The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the following approved drawings:-              


            594-CDA-A-00-DR-A-05-0100 Revision 04

            594-CDA-A-01-DR-A-05-0101 Revision 07

            594-CDA-A-02-DR-A-05-0102 Revision 07

            594-CDA-A-03-DR-A-05-0103 Revision 07

            594-CDA-A-04-DR-A-05-0104 Revision 01


3.         No dwelling or commercial unit shall be occupied until the cycle and bin stores have been provided in accordance with the approved drawings.

Supporting documents:


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