Venue: Watford Town Hall - Training Room 2

Contact: Councillor Mark Watkin 

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Antisocial behaviour issues on Essex Road


    As many of you will know, in the last 18 months there have been a significant number of Police call-outs to the road, many, but not all related to the behaviour of some clients of the recently opened Essex Road (formally Primrose Lodge) Care Home.  Others have been the result of drug dealing and other anti-social behaviour, notably, at the St. Albans Road end of the road.



    The senior and local management of CareTech, the national organisation who operate Essex Road, the local Police and the Borough’s anti-social behaviour officer will all be there. The meeting is NOT intended to look backwards on the causes of the many issues but is to look forwards to how CareTech will liaise with the community, and how the Police and Council are addressing the wider ASB issues.  The aim is to reduce the need for as much police intervention and to foster an improved relationship between the care-home and its neighbours.


    Residents will have the opportunity to raise their concerns with the various organisations, and your councillors, and hopefully at the end of the meeting there will be a much improved open relationship between all parties.



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