Agenda and minutes

Agenda and minutes

Venue: Virtual

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Note: Re-convened meeting from 7 October, previously adjourned due to technical difficulties. 


No. Item

Conduct of the meeting

The committee will take items in the following order:


1.      All items where people wish to speak and have registered with Democratic Services.

2.      Any remaining items the committee agrees can be determined without further debate.

3.      Those applications which the committee wishes to discuss in detail.


Apologies for absence


    There was a change of membership for this meeting; Councillor Grimston replaced Councillor Pattinson.



Disclosure of interests


    Councillor Collett explained that she had been contacted about the 62 High Road application at its outset, but had immediately passed the enquiry to her fellow councillors and not expressed any view.  



    The minutes of the meeting held on 2 September 2020 to be agreed and signed at the next non-virtual meeting. 


    The committee agreed the minutes of the meeting held on 2 September; these would be signed once members and officers returned to the Town Hall. 



20/00668/FUL- 76 High Road

    This application has been withdrawn.


    This item was withdrawn prior to the meeting. 



20/00715/FUL- 62 High Road pdf icon PDF 512 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Chair introduced the item to the committee and invited the Principal Planning Officer (AR) to present her report. 


    The Chair thanked the Principal Planning Officer for her report and in view of the fact that the report recommended deferring any decision until December, he proposed a vote that this matter be deferred and bring the item back to committee when the applicant had amended the plans to reflect what had actually been built. 


    In accordance with Standing Committee Procedure Rules, paragraph 4.2, Councillor Jeffree requested that it be recorded in the minutes how members cast their votes.


    Those members voting for the motion:

    Councillors Bell, Collett, Grimston, Jeffree, Johnson, Mills, Sharpe, Smith and Watkin.


    Those members voting against the motion:



    The motion was declared to be CARRIED unanimously.




    That the application be deferred to a future committee meeting. 



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