Issue - meetings

Issue - meetings

Update Report on Taxi and Private Hire Strategy

Meeting: 14/01/2021 - Licensing Committee (Item 14)

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The committee received the report of the Business Compliance Officer providing an update on the development of the council’s Taxi and Private Hire Strategy, the current status of the strategy and the proposed next steps.


          The Business Compliance Officer introduced the report.  He advised that this was the second report relating to the development of the strategy.  The strategy considered issues wider than those within the remit of the Licensing Committee and was being presented to members for information and feedback.  The final strategy would be brought before the committee prior to approval at Cabinet.


          The Business Compliance Officer advised that a trade only consultation had been conducted providing general feedback.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the methods of consultation had been limited and it was not possible to conduct face to face consultations such as meetings and drop in sessions.  A webinar had been arranged and the link to connect had been sent to all drivers by text message.  In addition, a survey had been created with 32 responses from drivers received to date.


The majority of responses were in support of the proposals with a high level of support for the strategic aims.  A number of comments had been received including in respect to the provision of visible taxi ranks in the borough.  The Business Compliance Officer explained that the responses received had not resulted in the need to consider any changes to the proposed strategy at this stage.    


          The next step was to hold a full public consultation; where drivers would also have a further opportunity to participate.  This consultation was scheduled to take place for ten weeks ending on 31 March 2021 during which time members would be able to make comments or suggestions concerning the proposed strategy.


          In response to a question from members the Business Compliance Officer advised that the trade was experienced in using on-line facilities and with a switch to digitalisation in the last two years; such as in relation to on-line application processes.


          RESOLVED –


1.      that the committee note the contents of the report.



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